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Execution Plan

Club 101 is an exclusive, membership club based in the Metaverse. Unlike other exclusive clubs, overall membership to Club 101 is designed to be fully inclusive.

Membership to Club 101 is limited to 1,010 Memberships, with the ethos of honoring all members, regardless of tier.

When you buy a Club 101 - Den of Dragons NFT you get:

  • Business Minded Community Membership
  • Access to Club 101 spaces in Ethereum Towers (this includes access to Penthouse events, but there’s more to it than that...)
  • NFT Art by a Recognized Artist
  • Prize Draw Giveaways
  • Regular Events with Guest Speakers (in the Metaverse)
  • Random airdrops (with no promise of Monetary Value)

Our membership structure is organized in a way that limits whaling, reduces barriers to entry at launch and benefits all.

Limited membership at the highest tier is by invitation only.

The launchpad

There are many opportunities in this burgeoning digital renaissance. From Metaverse expansion, NFT Intellectual Property (Art + Utility Fusion) Development, to Launchpad (Initial Dex Offering – IDO) Projects, we see an interconnected ecosystem rife with disruptive potential.

Let’s take a brief look at Launch Pads.

Some of the limitations to Launch Pad projects are:


As with all things fiscal, done right, these projects require extensive research and management.


IDOs require a sizeable amount of capital be staked, per IDO, to be eligible for certain sizes of allotment access. This can limit the entry of a participant to only 1 IDO Launch Pad, or even put access to a single Launch Pad out of reach of the regular person.

Regional restriction

Residents of certain nations are restricted from participating directly in IDOS. This project provides an opportunity to gain exposure via operation based in a Nation that allows IDO participation.

Club 101 will use a large initial proportion of available funding to gain access to a number of IDO Launchpad Projects. The results of this being shared between members by way of Airdrops.

Stronger together

By bringing together top innovative, business-minded, heart centered, people in the Metaverse, we can achieve great things, both fiscally, but more importantly, connectively and positively for the world we’re all a part of.

Our core values

Club 101 sets out its core values as follows:

  • Equality
  • Inclusivity
  • Integrity
  • Giving Back, not just donating ‘cash’
  • Investing from within

Be inspired and achieve.