Business costs

What is this

Club 101 is a business with an NFT element rather than an NFT Business.

In order for this project to succeed it will need to be set up properly, professionally, with an actionable vision, and to a standard befitting an executive membership club. This is the role of the Ancient Dragons.

What costs

Club 101 will not provide full account details here, but we think it only right that we set out some parameters for what our costs may include.

In summary:

  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Accountancy
  • Legal Costs
  • Tax, VAT and Other UK statutory costs
  • Purchase of merchandise
  • Architectural and 3D Design

Setting a sensible budget from day one allows Club 101 to establish itself as a market-leading metaverse “club”.

The management of the business end and all associated income, expenditure and/or dividend is Ancient Dragon business only. We state this so there is no confusion.

Developing from within

There may be opportunity of creating work opportunities as Club 101 grows. These opportunities would be advertised within the club before outsourcing is considered.

Club 101 may employ agency, part-time or freelance personnel for specific tasks. Again, where such opportunities are required, we will advertise them within the club in the first instance.

It is important to Club 101 that goods and services are procured from within our membership wherever possible. Again, we emphasize that this is yet another way we can add value to our members.