Sales forecast

The initial funding of all proposed activities will be by way of selling memberships. Not all memberships will be sold immediately and some will be retained for future sale/auction.

For transparency and forecasting purposes Club 101 will retain a small number of memberships which may not create sales revenue. These “retained” memberships are shown as being allocated to the Ancient Dragons.

Ancient dragonsMods / Support staffDragonsCharityFor auctionInitial saleTotal

Ancient Dragons

The Ancient Dragons will each receive a 1 of 1 NFT Membership Card. They will also hold a maximum of 50 memberships. These memberships do not come free, and this is an important point. Each of the Ancient Dragons will or has invested into the project and these memberships are rewards for that early investment. Without them this club could not move forwards.

Moderators/Admin Support

Maintaining the Discord Chatrooms to ensure a pleasant experience for our users is paramount. Club 101 will invite up to 5 Moderators who will each receive a Gold Membership for their service. Moderators may be volunteers, employees of the project or both. Ancient Dragons or Dragons will not qualify for this free membership.


Each of the 5 invited Dragons will receive a 1 of 1 NFT Membership Card. They will each receive a free Diamond Membership. We state this for transparency. Again, each of the five Dragons will ‘earn’ this reward rather than presenting a free pass. We state this information only for transparency and each Dragon will be encouraged to buy other Memberships to show their support for the project.


Membership Numbers 101 and 1010 will be held in a Charity Wallet. Any rewards will be allocated to charities as decided by the Community.


These memberships are retained for auction and provides Club 101 the opportunity to create more sales revenue. It also allows Club 101 to hold a quantity of memberships for marketing purposes OR to invite specific individuals Club 101 feels could bring added value. In either circumstance it allows Club 101 to benefit, and again we emphasize that our membership plan is not purely sales driven but also includes attention to quality of membership.

Sales forecast

The forecasted sales figures are based on selling 892 memberships (refer to the table above).

The price points may fluctuate and are subject to review. Based on the stated price per memberships the total sales can be forecasted as follows;

CategoryTotal supplyPrice per membership (ETH)Total ETH

The initial forecast of total sales is 558 Eth. If Eth is considered $4,000 per unit then sales can be considered as being approx. $2,232,560.

Spending plan

How we use the initial sales revenue is an important consideration. It is also important to Club 101 Leadership to show its members transparently that the money raised is being used to invest back into the club to generate further opportunities and possible rewards.

It is anticipated that we will not complete 100% sales of all memberships within the first few weeks, or perhaps even months. This is not a concern. Building a solid foundation of members is key. That foundation will grow in time and will make Club 101 a truly exclusive and sought after membership.

We therefore set our spending out in both monetary and percentage terms. Where full sales are not fully realized we will continue with our plan using the stated percentages.

DescriptionValue (US $)%
Staking / Launchpads$ 960,000.8043%
Giveaway fund for year 1$ 133,953.606%
NFT Investment$ 200,930.409%
Incubator$ 200,930.409%
Business costs$ 558,140.0025%
Retention$ 178,604.808%
Total$ 2,323,560.00100%

Each element of the spending is designed to create more value. How this value is created will be easy to recognize in some instances but in others it will not be so clear. For this reason, the next section goes more in-depth into how each of the stated ‘spend categories’ can create more value for each and every member.