In summary

Thank you for taking the time to read our vision and plan for Club 101. We hope we’ve laid out a framework and concept that not only answers your questions, but inspires you to envision participation in the world of promise we see just around the horizon.

This project is something we’ve individually been arching towards over the sum of experiences that our lives have collected.

This project is also something we’ve collectively been drawn together to bring into being.

And if this resonates with you, we now invite you to join us.

We see a world that is better. It is a metaverse of interconnectivity, a burgeoning digital renaissance, that provides vast opportunity for those who come together collectively, intelligently, creatively, and organize for a greater good, that raises all participants.

(While also being fiscally grounded, well planned, and intentionally implemented of course.)

Whether you become a dragon, or a diamond, sapphire, or gold member, you are joining a group of people who believe in the vision we’ve laid out here.

Welcome to the club.
We’ve only just begun.

The Ancient Dragons