Incubator NFT

Same but different

We have already shown how we will purchase NFTs that will bring value to Club 101 in several ways. At the core of Club 101 is the purchasing of Launchpads and therefore it is only right that we provide a launchpad of our own.

Launchpad 101 – we like that, so we hope you do too.

Like our NFT procurement this will be similar in its focus. Or put another way it’s the same but different. Let’s dive into that.

Launchpad 101

The Metaverse is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. Some projects are well designed and others not so. While success does not seem to be based solely on how developed or structured an idea is, we believe the more detailed and structured a project, the better its chance of success – like any opportunity in real life.

Launchpad 101 will be a fund that is used to support new and upcoming projects. Club 101 will help provide that Launchpad and there are several ways we can assist in increasing a likelihood of success.

101 services

Some projects will simply need capital investment. That is an easier proposition to consider and one that Club 101 will look at.

However, Club 101 sees a greater opportunity to go further, and by doing so we, and that project, could gain substantially more. How do we go further?

The Launchpad 101 fund will be used not only for direct investment but also to assist and/or manage projects via services such as marketing, proposal writing, websites builds, meta office spaces and so much more.

Enter the dragon

Saidin is creating a multi-disciplinary collective of ventures/agencies from several of his units on Floor 63. These services will include things like marketing, architectural & 3D design, web design and so on. The Launchpad Fund will be used to buy services from Saidin and his teams at favorable prices.

This is not just because of the synergy. It is because the cohesive vision and collective purchasing power of these specialists, processes, and operation will provide us the very best value for money.

We believe the primary key to success of new projects is proper planning, implementation, and management. Saidin and his team are well equipped to provide those services.

Selecting projects

Selecting projects will be the responsibility of Club 101’s Dragon Council.

A discord channel will be established where members can enquire for incubator support either for themselves or for others. As we will be focusing on quality over quantity, we will only open for community submissions for limited durations, at a speed we are able to manage.

At times the Dragon Council will collect a short list of projects that present opportunity. The short list, with accompanying proposal/brief, will then be presented to the membership for a ranking vote of guidance and consideration.

The Dragon Council will then do further research and investigation on selected projects. Depending on the support, cost, and benefit each presents an announcement will be made on the final decisions.

First mover

One project that excites the Management at Club 101 is a fashion related project that includes “wearables”.

The Metaverse and NFT space is quickly changing and we think this could be a good project to support.

We are collecting more data before taking this further, but wanted to let you all know that we are already scanning the horizon for beneficial opportunities.