Ancient Dragon

There will be a maximum of 4 Ancient Dragons. This quartet will eventually make up the founders of the project. Ancient Dragons roam free and have access to everything Club 101 has to offer.

Dragon Advisors

Dragons will be invited to hold these positions. There will be no monetary incentive to holding the position of Dragon. Each of the five Dragons shall have their own 1 of 1 NFT Membership Card as a thank you for providing their services to the Club 101 Community.

Dragons will be influential and knowledgeable innovators that are charitable and committed to making Club 101 a success to benefit the whole community.

There will be rewards for these Dragons but not all rewards will have a direct financial incentive. Dragons may change from time to time dependent on the commitments of certain individuals. These rewards include:

  • Special access to Saidin's Dragon Lair Room within his Penthouse
  • Access to special Penthouse 101 Events
  • Alpha discussions in the Dragon's Lair
  • Access to all areas in Club 101

The Dragons shall join forces with the four Ancient Dragons which will be led by our Lead and Ancient Dragon, Saidin, who is the owner of Penthouse 1 on Floor 101. This group of Ancient Dragons and Dragons will influence the way that Club 101 evolves. This group of Dragons will be known as “The Dragon Council”.

The Dragon Council Role

The Dragon Council will be made up of 4 Ancient Dragons and 5 Dragons.

Club 101 will allow up to 10 additional Council Members. This role can only be secured during the Pre-Sale and is achieved by buying 10eth (or more) in memberships.

As a reward for this, Club 101 will provide these 10 Council Members the following:

  • A unique custom 1/1 Council Member NFT
  • A Standard Apartment on Floor 63
  • A Funky Monkey Frat House Greek Life NFT
  • A seat at the Council Table which is limited to 19 members.

The first order of the Council will be to formulate the “rules” for maintaining a seat at the Council. We think it is only right that each Council member has a voice in creating those rules.

The Dragon Council will have an influential role in selecting opportunities, give away selections, event management and much more. The Dragon Council will influence the direction of Club 101 but not the day-to-day management.

The Dragon Role and/or Dragon Council Role will NOT have any voting rights in relation to the apportioned funds for managing the business end of the project which are described later in this document.

The management of the business end and all associated income, expenditure and/or dividend is Ancient Dragon business only.

We state this so there is no confusion.


Diamond membership will be by invitation.

Diamond members will benefit from access to the VIP Room and access to exclusive Penthouse Events free of charge.

VIP Room

The VIP Room provides the Diamond Members further exclusivity. The members will decide a lot of what is brought to the room. VIP Members will have access to some very specific goods, services and opportunities. Some opportunities will be generated outside of Club 101, but the club’s strategic partners will bring greater benefits to those who have access. Listing all the utility offered is not possible as only VIP members will know the extent of the offering.

Penthouse events

Penthouse 1 will have regular events and Diamond Members will have access to all events in the Penthouse free of charge. Some of these events may be charitable events. In such instances Diamond Members will get free access but may be asked to make a donation, although there will be no obligation to do so.


7.34% of all Airdrops shall be shared by 101 Diamond Members. All Diamond Members will receive a free polo shirt that will only be available to Diamond members.


Sapphire membership will be by invitation.

Sapphire members will benefit from access to the Business Lounge and access to 2 exclusive Penthouse Events free of charge.

Business lounge

The Business Lounge provides the Sapphire Members further exclusivity. The business lounge is where all new Launchpad Projects will be announced. The Business Lounge users will have a voice in the direction of investments that Club 101 considers. Club 101 will work towards creating a range of goods and services that can only be found in this area. These may include discounted opportunities and even some free business mentoring sessions. The extent of benefits to be gained in the Business Lounge will increase over time.

Penthouse events

Penthouse 1 will have regular events and Sapphire Members will have access to 2 Penthouse events free of charge. These events will not be available until Tower 2 is launched.


20.75% of all Airdrops shall be shared by 300 Sapphire Members. All Sapphire Members will receive a free polo shirt that will only be available to Sapphire members.


Gold Membership shall be available by public sale or public auction.

Gold members will not have open access to the VIP or Business Lounges. However, they will receive invites to special events that will be held throughout the year.

Gold members will be provided access to Lounge products and services. This membership will receive a “first come, first served” opportunity to purchase tickets for 2 Penthouse events per year.

A raffle will also be held to give all Gold Members a chance to win tickets for Penthouse events.


26.92% of all Airdrops shall be shared by 600 Gold Members.

All Gold Members will have access to our merchandise stores.