Phase 2

Club 101 will never have more than 1,010 that can access the Club on Floor 1010 of Ethereum Towers. There will be no magic serum or mutating solution to create more memberships.

However, the Club must grow and for this reason Phase 2 will consider a number of possible options to allow Club 101 a larger footprint across the Metaverse.

New Clubs

Club 101 will expand its footprint by expanding into other Club locations that, whilst exclusive, will never have the same exclusivity or rewards as found in Club 101.

Early conceptual ideas include;

  • Club 101 Resorts (Ethereum Resorts Location)
  • Club 101 Central (Ethereum Tower 2)
  • Club 101 World (TCG World)

All Club 101 Members will receive automatic membership to these locations.

These additional membership locations will be a lower cost to that of Club 101 but will be larger in quantity (to be determined). This would allow further equality and inclusivity that may exist by way of the price point of Club 101.

Beyond Phase 2…

We even have ideas for Phase 3.

These are ideas that further bridge the metaverse/real world divide and incorporate real world dynamics and potential into our club’s management and growth trajectory.

But that is something we’ll share about a little further down the road.