Pre-launch will occur when Club 101 is comfortable that it can provide all of the following:

  • Establish discord and chatrooms
  • Launch of website (Revision 1; expect an updated version in Phase 1)
  • Ethereum Towers Announcement of the Pre-Launch (by Saidin)
  • Membership Waiting List established
  • Branding established although it may evolve by the start of Phase 1

Phase 1

Phase 1 will see the official launch of Club 101. Before officially launching Club 101 will ensure that it is as prepared for launch as can be reasonably foreseen.

The following are key points that will be in place prior to the formal launch;

  • functional sales mechanism
  • 52 week event diary (see attached draft version)
  • 25% of membership requested by people on the wait list
  • marketing strategy in place
  • branding, logos and the like finalized

Sales funds form Phase 1 will start to be apportioned within one month from their receipt.

The Give Away process will not commence until 892 memberships have been filled.

The following page provides an indicative 52 week plan that will be continuously updated as, and when, Club 101 is able to finalize such information.