What is retention

Club 101 will not use all available funds to simply rush into various projects or opportunities.

The specified sum or percentage will be retained for several reasons.

How will it be used

Having a retained sum allows Club 101 to make decisions outside of the allocated funds.

Perhaps that might be spot prize purchases. It may be allocating some funds to another opportunity.

Whatever the circumstance, it provides Club 101 much needed targeted cashflow in which to operate under ever-changing circumstances.


At the end of each fiscal year the balance held by Club 101 will be reviewed.

In a circumstance where the residual value is excessive then the members will be presented options on how any identified sum is to be used. The term excessive will be at the entire discretion of Club 101.

The management of the business end and all associated income, expenditure and/or dividend is Ancient Dragon business only. We state this so there is no confusion.