The project

The location

Club 101 is a membership club with a very unique Metaverse address.

“Ethereum Towers is a decentralized, community-centric social project that plays on the real estate vertical. The concept of Ethereum Towers is a simple array of towers, apartments and floors that are community-owned, and decisions are influenced as a collective.”

The highest floor in the tower is Floor 101 and access to this floor is restricted thereby making membership to Club 101 very exclusive.

Floor 101 is reserved for Penthouse Holders and access to this floor is therefore extremely exclusive. The only way to get on this floor is by knowing a Penthouse owner or by membership to Club 101.

Club 101 will take possession of its own Penthouse which will encompass the style and elegance expected of such an exclusive membership club.

Membership Structure

There will be a total of 1,010 members in Club 101. The Club will be forever exclusive and as such a waiting list will be created prior to the official launch and opening.

The membership will never be greater than 1,010 members as scarcity and exclusivity go hand in hand. The proposed Membership allocation is as follows:

CategoryTotal supply
Ancient Dragons4

Each tier of membership will have its own exclusive benefits.

Most importantly, the airdrop rewards will be (generally) on an Eth for Eth basis.

Whether you are a Gold Member or a Diamond Member you will share the same rewards on an equal basis. This is because Club 101 aims to ensure that all members start, and continue, the membership journey together.