The rewards


Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) provide the opportunity to purchase an allocation of a token prior to it being launched on a coin or token exchange. There are numerous countries (including USA) whose citizens are unable to directly participate.

These allocations are determined by the extent of staking into certain platforms. The larger the stake, the larger the allocation. This means that by working as a collective the maximum staking across multiple launchpad sites can be maximized.

Not all IDO projects are successful, and some have failed at launch. However, there is a large degree of success. It is this success that could provide a continuing financial growth mechanism for Club 101.

Club 101 will use a UK Corporation to buy allocations in launchpads. We have already identified 10 launchpads.

Any success from the Launchpads will be shared with all members. It is important to Club 101 that all rewards are shared equally with our members. The Metaverse is filled with inequality in many forms. Club 101 aims to be inclusive and provide as much equality as we are able to do, as described in this plan.

All assigned Launchpad rewards will be shared in the pre-determined percentages. These have been calculated such that each member would achieve their “break even” at the same point in time. This is by design – each and every member is of equal importance to Club 101.

How these rewards are calculated is discussed later in this document.

Prize draws

When all 1,010 Memberships have been sold, a prize draw will occur every month for the first 12 months.

The prize draw will include exclusive prizes with a fund of $10,000 (or more) each month. Prior to launching the draw, the members will be able to vote on the monthly prizes.

The prize fund for year 2 onwards will be announced further into the project.

The prizes will be befitting of an exclusive, membership club. We will create prizes that will be some of the most exclusive and rewarding ones across the metaverse. Each member will have an equal opportunity to win, meaning that each member will, at the very least, have a 1 in 1,010 chance of a large prize.

But we are not going to stop there. Along the way we will find other ways to reward members with creative and unusual activities and events will be driven by our members and our community.

NFT prize draws

A budget will be retained to buy into key projects that can provide a benefit to Club 101 and those projects. There are 2 ways Club 101 will invest in such projects.

Firstly, there will be opportunity to invest in new NFT projects. Club 101 will have an opportunity to act as a “whale” and buy a significant quantity of NFTs in such projects.

The second way the club can act is to buy NFTs from the floor.

In either event, it is unlikely that 1,000 NFTs will be procured in any one effort of this kind. Some of these NFTs will provide utility and prizes which can then be redistributed into the membership community.

Club 101 will look to find ways that such NFTs do not go straight back to the floor of those projects, as that would defeat the objective. The community will be given opportunity to decide on these projects and how to distribute any such NFTs.

Incubator rewards

True success comes from investing from within. Club 101 will look to create an incubator fund. Preferably, these new opportunities will come from within the club.

Club 101 will look to support new and upcoming projects as a launch partner. How this is done is a work in progress.

Think about Club 101 being the Launchpad for new NFTs. The support is not solely monetary but can also include marketing, admin, management, IT, proposal writing and similar.

Of course, early investors are usually rewarded higher and Club 101 will expect the same, although long term success will be key goal. Having a long-term and sustainable income stream that further rewards members is something that fits within the ethos of Club 101.


Donating to charitable causes is a key attribute to Club 101.

Club 101 operates with a policy of “do good, get good”. The Club gets good by doing good and the more good we do the better we become as a club, individuals, and as a species.

The club will donate to charity in several ways. Membership Numbers 101 (Diamond) and 1010 (Gold) will be held by the Club as charity memberships. Any airdrops, prizes or other rewards to 101 and 1010 will be used as donations to charity. In the event the prizes are tangible or services they will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to Charity.

What charities we donate to will be decided by the Club members. There will be numerous events, raffles and auctions to raise more funds for good causes.

One further idea is to donate into developing a metaverse based Wellness Centre that would provide services such as mental health awareness, physical health, diet and the like.

Future memberships

In future phases there will be opportunity create more memberships and a greater fund. These memberships will never provide access to Club 101 but rather alternative venues with their own unique locations and attributes.

All Club 101 members will have access to all future subsidiaries of Club 101 and will automatically receive a free membership. That will ensure Club 101 holders benefit from the utility of other venues.

Club 101 will only ever have 1010 members and that will never change.